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  • Elaine Murray

    Elaine Murray

    Pastor | Mother | Health Coach | Spiritual Director| Trauma Therapist in Training

  • Nimkeek


    Peace loving, multi-racial hippy. 😁

  • Janet Gourand

    Janet Gourand

    I am a Brit living in South Africa. Finally managed to quit drinking in 2015 - I set up Tribe Sober to help others do the same. Podcast & tribesober.com

  • Megan Holstein

    Megan Holstein

    Doing my best to make people’s lives better ✺ free books at www.meganeholstein.com ✺ support me by joining Medium: https://meganholstein.medium.com/membership

  • Doran Lamb

    Doran Lamb

    Top Writer in Mental Health + Psychology + Love. Acute observer of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. https://doranlamb.medium.com/membership

  • Monument


    Monument is an online platform for anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol. joinmonument.com

  • Sara Benincasa

    Sara Benincasa

    Author, REAL ARTISTS HAVE DAY JOBS (and other books). Writer of scripts. Host of WELL, THIS ISN’T NORMAL podcast. Patreon.com/SaraBenincasa

  • Melissa Kay

    Melissa Kay

    PhD student in Ireland writing about my personal journey with sobriety, mental health, and student life.

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